Keepers of Trundor

The Keepers of Trundor are a mysterious group of beings who dwell in the mystical City of Portals. The Keepers resemble humanoids seemingly carved from a stone-like material which closely resembles marble. They have plain facial features, lack hair, pupils or clothing and have androgynous bodies. They do not speak, but their joints and limbs are supple and move with ease despite their stone-like “skin.” Each Keeper is slightly different in appearance, however lacking names or gender makes it nearly impossible for most onlookers to distinguish Keepers from one another without close scrutiny. They seem to operate out of a headquarters of sorts referred to by locals as the Keepers’ Sanctuary.

The Keepers do not walk on the ground, choosing instead to hover about a foot high, but are seldom seen flying much higher than eye level. They can move very quickly when needed, possess great strength and have been seen using magic to mend damage to the city’s many streets and structures. Keepers do not wield weapons or wear armor, but their bodies are hard as stone and do not show any signs of cracking or weathering. They fight with their bare hands and do not seem to feel any pain when struck with weapons and arrows as most attacks glance right off their smooth marble-like bodies. They also appear to be immune to virtually all types of harmful magic, making them brutality effective at maintaining order in a city populated by mostly spell casters.

Ever since Trundor was first discovered the folk of Dalun have tried to determine where the Keepers of the city come from. It is not clear who created the Keepers of Trundor or even if they are creations at all. Some speculate that the Keepers are the animated remains or reincarnations of those who built Trundor long ago. Others suggest that the Keepers are magical automatons sculpted by the original founders of the city who have simply outlasted their makers. There have been attempts to observe and chronicle the actions of the Keepers to better understand them; these historical writings are housed within the Library of Trundor.

The Keepers of Trundor spend their time patrolling the city. They respond violently and without warning to anyone who takes up arms or uses magic against any person or Keeper within city limits. They will also wordlessly attack any monster or large animal that wanders too close to the city. The Keepers are absolutely unflinching in their duty and do not respond to bribery or distraction; most attempts to communicate with them in any way are ignored. Aside for enforcing order and protecting the city the Keepers also tend to the maintenance of the city. Often Keepers can be seen hovering over buildings, walls or a stretches of road using their magic to mend damage or remove debris such as snow, garbage, or the corpses of criminals and monsters.

Keepers of Trundor

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