Bravaul’s capital is a densely populated and moderately sized city of about 80,000 humans, elves, and dwarves. Tradekeep was the site where the original founders of Bravaul built their castle. The kings of old ruled from a keep built atop the highest hill of the smallest cliffs of the nearby Suncrest Peaks. Around the castle slowly but steadily the common people of Bravaul began to gather, building homes and starting businesses. As the line of kings died out and the wars of the Old Age came to an end Bravaul became increasingly devoted to prosperity and trade. The capital city gets its name from the old kings’ castle, their keep, passing from fortress and home of few to a trade hall and home of many. So the budding town became known as “the” trade keep. Eventually as trade with the surrounding territories began to flourish and more people started moving to the villages around this “trade keep,” the head merchants, the most wealthy and powerful nobles, as well as a small community of rangers agreed to found a town and place the seat of government within the hands of the people, within the trade keep. After time the “the” was dropped from common speech, the city grew and fully inherited the name: Tradekeep.

Nowadays Tradekeep’s “ruler” is appointed from a council of elite merchants who are typically dukes, barons, or some other land-owning, super wealthy noble. Currently Baron Vaustburn of the Merchant League acts as Lord over Bravaul and handles high level decision making and other administrative duties. Baron Vaustburn’s solution for the defense of Tradekeep and the surrounding roads, including the well-travelled trade high-road, the Greenway, is to employ an elite mercenary company known as the Shield Bearers of the Dragon. Because the Shield Bearers are a mercenary army they have not sworn any oaths of fealty to the rulers of Tradekeep which makes some of its folk nervous, but ultimately so long as the pay is good (and it is in the city of trade) then they are loyal. In fact the Shield Bearers of the Dragon showed their courage and proved their loyalty during the Battle of the Dragon.

In the immediate area surrounding Tradekeep and the rest of the lands throughout Bravaul, is a sprawling realm of farmland. The land is green and fertile, so it is littered with farmhouses and crop-rows. Thousands of farmers and their families actually make up the bulk of Bravaul’s mostly-human population, however they are so spread out across the vast green scape of the Durildan that most travellers really only see “the big city” of Tradekeep and seldom consider the Green Country as part of Bravaul.

Notable Locations

Four Winds Tavern
The Grinning Goblin


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