Dalun has had a long history of conflict and many of its people live in feudal societies. The more cosmopolitan of settlements such as Tradekeep or Edril have a sense of identity all on their own because of how diverse and progressive they are. Many of the folk living in the these kinds of cities take pride in being part of that community. However, nobles and commoners alike of the various peoples of Dalun tend to identify themselves more so by family lineage rather than by where they are living. Every society is different, of course, but in general each race tends to keep to themselves.

Dwarves – there are two kinds of dwarf commonly found throughout Dalun, the mountain dwarf and the hill dwarf. All dwarves, however, can trace their ancestry back to the ancient kings who first settled their stone halls throughout the Dungardt Mountains.

Elves – descending from three distinct lines, the elves of Dalun can be found in forests, mountains, and cities.

Gnomes – though they hail mostly from the north, gnomes can be found throughout many parts of Dalun.

Half-elves – without a homeland of their own, half-elves are found wherever humans or elves go, but in far fewer numbers.

Half-orcs – a proud people who gather in rural, fortress-like communities on the fringes of society, but are also found in lesser numbers all throughout Dalun.

Halflings – there are several tribes of halflings, some are nomads, others more sedentary, but all can be found throughout Dalun.

Humans – by far the most populous and dominant race in Dalun. Hailing from the south, the humans have settled nearly all the lands of Dalun.


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