Moerth is a lovely and bustling place. It is a very large city with many people living within (population approximately 200,000), yet Moerth still manages to have quiet pockets within. Thanks to Moerth’s narrow cobble-stone streets and many alleys the city has a number of diners, cafes, and pubs tucked away in the many nooks within the venerable city. The center of town, Trassius Square, has four pillars representing the four parts of the soul: creativity, passion, sincerity, and faith. Moerth’s patron goddess is Chauntil. Many believe that you cannot possibly love anyone else without first loving yourself. Moerth is a romantic city in the classical sense, as well as in the personal sense.

You can’t get far into the city without first encountering a member of one of the five ruling families. Moerth is home to five major, noble families all vying for control over all of Orlael and quite possibly the realms beyond. Each family has a calling or specificity about them that separates them from all the others. The Verisconti are the most politically-inclined and focus on subterfuge, back-room deals, making and breaking alliances when convenient and are currently the leading family of the five, meaning they control Moerth. However, they are referred to as the five ruling families, not one, for a reason. While the Verisconti interpret the law (what little written law there is) and deal out justice as they see fit, the other four families control other aspects of the city.

The Danovingians are in charge of the security of the city and in some cases, the surrounding area as well. It is their duty to hire mercenaries, train recruits, and seek out volunteers. Many of the Danovingians are warriors and mages who become adventurers who win treasures and glory for the family. Typically a high-born Danovingian isn’t going to resign themselves to simple guard work, but there is respect to be had in holding an officer position. Many of the more esteemed Danovingians own land outside of the city as well and allow peasants and others too poor to live in the city to live off their land instead, paying rents to the Danovingian noble ruling over them. This gives them a small population with which to draw upon during times of war. At any given time there may be one hundred or more knights with another hundred or so paid soldiers under them. Each vassal may call roughly three hundred of their subjects to arms if the need arises. Meaning Moerth has a standing army of approximately ten thousand soldiers… assuming they all work together.

A vast majority of the city’s wealth is controlled and hoarded by the Hrausers. The Hrauser family has earned exclusive trading rights with Tradekeep and Bynornuen making them the richest family in all of Orlael, and possibly Caelildran. They have crushed all attempts to outbid and compete with them, leaving them will all the economic options. It is the duty of the Hrauser family to manage the mint of coins, maintain the banks, collect taxes (so in many cases someone must pay a tax to the city and to their personal Land Lord) and dole out loans to the other families should they require fiscal aid.

Religion and the faith that it creates is a very important part of just about all walks of life and the Karolists have control over a vast network of churches throughout Moerth, including the great Cathedral of Chauntil. Many of the Karolist lineage are important and high-ranking members of the various churches throughout Moerth. Because of this the commonfolk often identify most closely with the Karolists or recognize them because many Moerthians attend service every week. The duties of the Karolists include the maintenance and construction of the many churches and temples throughout the city, as well as providing alms for the poor and offering succor to the weak both within the city and without.

The Gadwain are the only actual family who are able to trace their ancestry back to the first ruler of Luiēn the Once Kingdom of what is now Caelildran. This means that the Gadwain are blood related to the old line of kings that preside over Drasguard and the Empire of Adranatas before that. However, other than their kingly bloodline they have little else to boast. Their royal blood offers them some inherent strength, but in this day and age it is power and prestige that forges a ruler. That is not to say, however, that the Gadwain family is completely powerless. In fact, they have a great deal of power that they have inherited through their unique position as middle-men. It is the duty of the Gadwain to run the bureaucracy, maintain the archives (the city of Moerth is one of the few in all the lands to boast an actual library) and mediate affairs between the families.


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