Fighter Kit

At first level a fighter may choose to specialize his training and tactics to fit more closely into a specific role; the following kits represents this type of training:

Archer A master marksman who forgoes heavy armor and weapons for deadly accuracy
Brawler A fist-fighter and wrestler who utilizes speed and strength to take down his foes
Cavalier A mounted warrior who boasts deadly charges and enhanced maneuverability
Champion No change in build; the default fighter option

>Receives the point blank shot for free at level 1
>Gains 4 skills per level instead of 2
>Add Sleight of Hand, Spot and Survival to class skill list
>May take Weapon Specialization, Greater Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Specialization, and Improved Critical 2 levels earlier so long as they are applied to bows, or crossbows
>Reduces the attack roll penalty for using any the archery bonus attack feats by -1 at level 4, the penalty is further reduced by -2 at level 8, -3 at level 12, -4 at level 16, and -5 at level 20

>No longer receives proficiency with shields (except the buckler) or heavy armor
>Does not gain proficiency with any two-handed melee martial weapons
>Hit die reduced to d8

>Receives Improved Unarmed Strike for free at level 1
>Receives Unarmed Damage like a Monk of equal level
>Receives a +10 bonus to land speed (like a Barbarian)
>May take the stunning fist feat at any level and may use the ability a number of times per day equal to his brawler level + 1/day per 4 levels in any other class

>No longer receives proficiency with shields or heavy armor
>Does not gain proficiency with any non-thrown ranged weapons (no bows or crossbows)

>Receives Mounted Combat for free at level 1
>Add knowledge (nobility & royalty) to class skill list
>Add cavalier level to damage on a mounted charge (which can be multiplied when using a lance and/or spirited charge)

>Must be and maintain a lawful alignment (if he should deviate then he advances as a champion from that point on until he returns to his lawful alignment)
>No longer receives proficiency with any polearms (glaive, halberd, guisarme, etc.)

No benefits or trade offs. The champion uses the default fighter class progression.

Fighter Kit

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