Factions, Guilds, and Armies

Bravaullian Scouts – a band of human and elf rangers and archers whose purpose is to make safe the green country of Bravaul.

The Dalnorum – a league of wizards and other spellcasters who study and practice magic for the betterment of the folk of Dalun.

Dungardt Defender – an elite corps of dwarf warriors tasked with defending the king and his heirs.

Edril Mage Circle – an order of spellcasters located in the city of Edril who serve the people of Rokourd.

Glardoras – the “green cloaks;” elite elven spellcasters whose primary function is to safeguard the use of magic from the forces of evil.

Graywalkers of Vyankal – a mysterious band of witches and warlocks who draw power from the gray moor.

Horselords of the Bregohar – the many noble houses of Burnordraath who vie for control of the steppe.


Keepers of the Vale – a select group of wizards and warriors dedicated to keeping the threat of evil from passing into the Glarwood.

Knights Hospitaller – a cadet branch of Drasguardian Knights who have sworn off any holdings of land, so that they may focus on helping the people of Dalun.

Knights of the Griffon

Mystics of Orlael

Road Wardens – a band of warriors dedicated to patrolling the circletown trade road keeping it safe from brigands and highwaymen.

Shield Bearers of the Dragon – an elite mercenary company retained by Baron Vaustburn to provide protection services to Tradekeep.

Steppe Riders of the Bregohar


Wizards of the Kowl – secretive group of wizards and spellcasters who serve Governor General Hallour.

Factions, Guilds, and Armies

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