Edril Mage Circle

An elite order of spellcasters devoted to learning the meaning and origins behind magic and its effect on the world and its creatures. Within the tall spires of the Mage Ciricle’s thirteen towers lies an impressive codex of magical and mundane writings cataloging the world’s collective knowledge of the sapient species and their place here on Dalun. Concerned with the study of all aspects of life and magic, the Mages of the Circle (as they are often times called) pride themselves on their greatest understanding of magic. The Dalnorum and the Edril Magic Circle have somewhat of an alliance and often times work together. The Order’s rules are very strict, many fail the entry exams, and one requires an invitation to even be allowed in the front doors which leaves The Order of the Circle with very few members.

As the name implies the Edril Mage Circle is located out of the city of Edril where the leading members of the Circle willingly act as aids to the current ruler.

Pillars of the Circle
There are thirteen pillars, or concepts, that make up the core principles of the Edril Mage Circle. These pillars represent facets of life, energy forces of the world, and ideals which make up all the parts of Dalun.

Circle of Knowledge, includes the lesser circle of history
Circle of Wisdom, includes the lesser circle of attainment
Circle of Earth, includes the lesser circle of travel
Circle of Air, includes the lesser circle of darkness
Circle of Water, includes the lesser circle of the sea
Circle of Fire, includes the lesser circle of light
Circle of Body, includes lesser circle of combat
Circle of Mind, includes lesser circles of telepathy and memory
Circle of Spirit, includes lesser circles of life and death
Circle of Divinity, includes lesser circles to all of the gods of Dalun
Circle of Magic, includes lesser circles of all eight schools of magic
Circle of Time, includes lesser circle of change
Circle of Truth, includes the interwoven circles of good and evil

Masters of the Circle
The Edril Mage Circle is organized into three separate circles which determines rank and seniority within the order. The first circle is known as the Circle of the Staff, the largest group which is reserved for all mages who learn, study, and travel, but otherwise do not serve the Edril Mage Circle. The second is called the Circle of the Tower, these members attend some sort of office, teach, or provide a service to the Edril Magic Circle. The third circle has very few members for it is the High Circle and only those who use their knowledge and magic to serve and protect the people of Edril as well as all the folk of Rokourd are admitted. Often times these titles are shortened when being referred to by other Mages of the Circle. For instance an Edril Circle Mage of the Circle of the Tower may refer to himself as a Tower Mage to other Edril Circle Mages.

Mages of the Circle of the Staff are often adventurers who have earned their way into the order. They further Mage Circle’s cause by defeating monsters and recovering magical items from the wilderness, however they do not directly serve the city of Edril or the Mage Circle. Mages of the Staff are not necessarily weak or lack understanding of magic, but they simply do not devout enough of their time and efforts to the betterment of the Edril Magic Circle to be promoted to Circle of the Tower. However, it is still understood that a Mage of the Staff is lower rank than a Mage of the Tower or Mage of the High Circle.

Mages of the Circle of the Tower administer a facility, teach a class, or provide some other service to the Edril Mage Circle. Some Tower Mages are alchemists who run a lab, concoct recipes for use by other Mages. Scribes who write magic scrolls, spellcasters who work divinations or conjurations to reveal truths or teleport other mages are promoted to the Circle of the Tower. These mages who assist the order are respected because they further the direct aims of the Edril Mage Circle and make it easier for all the members of the order to do their job.

Mages of the High Circle of the Edril Mage Circle are considered to be the greatest of spellcasters within the order for they use their magic to aid others. At it’s core the Edril Mage Circle wishes to help the folk of the realms by using what they have learned. Members of the High Circle might come and go, but they always work for the people. Mages of the High Circle might serve in the regent’s throne room or on the front lines of the army against an invading force.

To be promoted to a greater circle a number of mages from a higher circle must agree that the promotion is worthy. It is acceptable for a mage of a lower circle to seek out a promotion and make a case for it, but his peers must agree.

Edril Mage Circle

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