A vast realm of mountains, forests, plains, rivers as well as the Sea of the King. Caelildran is the home of the Once Kingdoms of Luiēn, or as most outsiders call it, the Western Kingdoms. Luiēn was an ancient kingdom from a time before the First Age of Fire, but eventually after the wars ended the line of kings was broken and Luiēn split into three smaller kingdoms Bravaul, Orlael, and Arlindran. These kingdoms eventually deteriorated into weaker provinces that merely kept their names. The armies of the once proud kings of the land slowly disbanded and lordship over the lands returned to the people. In many ways Caelildran is one of the most progressive of the Realms. When compared to the draconian realm of Drasguard, the savagery of Burnordraath, or the emptiness of Vyankal, Caelildran seems modern and ahead of the times.

Bravaul is the largest and youngest of the three Once Kingdoms. A thousand years ago when Luiēn was united, it waged war with Drasguard in an attempt to consolidate and solidify its independence. Having repelled the attacks from the south, but severely reduced in power Orlael and Arlindran looked ripe for the taking and when Bravaul became it’s own kingdom its armies immediately went to war with its southern neighbors. Of course none of the three kingdoms managed to wres control of Caelildran from the others, but Bravaul came the closest by claiming the most land during the “Tired Years” of the war.

The latest fashions and trends usually come out of the cosmopolitan city of Moerth. Bynornuen stands as a bastion of civilization in a relatively untamed land, with trade ships and wagon caravans spreading in all directions. Tradekeep is one of the most well-known cities in all Dalun for its bustling market, but also because it is home to many progressive thinkers.

Caelildran’s boundaries are the Suncrest Peaks to the north, the Sea of the King and the Baedrin Forest to the east, Dustwood to the south, and the Western Sea to the west.

Chief Cities:


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