Bridge Town

As the name implies, Bridge Town is a settlement constructed along the length of a great bridge built over the widest point of the Eredrin River. Bridge Town was originally named “Bellefas” during its founding, but most folk prefer the simpler name of Bridge Town.

Centuries ago, before the founding of Bridge Town, fishermen would collect along the edge of the bridge that would eventually serve as the foundation for Bridge Town, to catch the biggest fish the Eredrin River had to offer. This spot would steadily become more popular of a place to fish and eventually the fishermen built semi-permanent camps surrounding the bridge on either bank of the river. They would fish all day, catching dozens, if not hundreds of fish and drag their haul back to their little camp towns. The fishing over the Eredrin River was so bountiful that the farmers began shipping their catch down river in long, flat barges. This marked the rise of the Bargemen, a now well-known profession throughout Arlindran.

As fishing increased and the Bargemen made more money transporting fish down river to Bynornuen merchants and other businessmen came to the Eredrin River crossing and began setting up shop. At first they built only small stores offering necessary goods like extra fishing line, spare hooks and bait, but eventually the builders expanded. Entire businesses thrived off selling tools, food, clothing, and eventually luxury goods to the fishermen and Bargemen of the river. Naturally, every merchant wanted to one-up his competition, placing his store that much closer to the water which eventually led to the construction of storefronts on the bridge itself.

Today Bridge Town has been entirely rebuilt from what it once was. Parts of the bridge have collapsed, others have caught fire, some were damaged or lost in bad storms and floods and others have simply been remodeled by wealthy citizens to better protect their assets. Few of Bridge Town’s commoners (who are referred to as bridge-folk by much of Arlindran) actually live on the bridge itself, that is reserved for businesses and the extremely wealthy. Many of the residences are built on solid ground along the banks of the Eredrin River, but property closer to the water, or even better on the water, is considered to have great value .

Bridge Town

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