Though not nearly as large as the rest of the realms, Breforr is home to many dwarves, gnomes and humans. The windy peaks of the Dungardt Mountains are not a safe place. Ogres and giants rule the cliffs, while goblins and orcs control the depths of the tunnels and caves underneath. The people of Breforr have adapted to the high altitudes, year round cold, scarce game and poor farmland and have become a tough and somewhat dour folk.

Chief cities: Eltgaard, Hrandaur, Arboak, Kaldrel

Breforr is further distinguished by North Breforr and South Breforr simply because of the climate and geography that naturally divides the realm. Furthermore the trade roads do not easily connect the northern and southern reaches of Breforr leaving the folk of the north and south distinct in culture and appearance.

North Breforr is colder and has a higher population of dwarves and gnomes given it’s proximity to the wintry lands of Rokourd. The gap east of the Sea of Rethoril and west of the Dungardt Mountains is likely the most fertile region of Breforr with the highest population of wild game, but the wide rivers to the north and south make this area difficult to reach for traders. Thus the space is mostly occupied by sparsely populated groups of nomads that follow moving herds, trading with the dwarves in the foothills and only forming semi-permanent settlements for the winter. South Breforr has a warmer and somewhat drier climate with a handful of fishing communities located along the River Krathis. South Breforr is mostly populated by dwarves and humans.


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