Bravaullian Scouts

The elite, all volunteer group of hunters, soldiers, and adventurers based out of Bravaul serve the people of the Green Country. Most are rangers, scouts, fighters, barbarians, and druids who all use their powers to help and protect the common folk from wandering monsters and highwaymen.

An honest bunch of elves and humans sworn to protecting the fair people of Bravaul. The Bravaulian Scouts perform the Watchtower Run every season and must beat their personal record from previous seasons or be removed from this highly-selective group. Most carry a bow, perhaps a sword or dagger, little armor and pack light for the long days spent on on the range.

They are not a secretive bunch, but they are few. Joining their ranks can be difficult because the Scouts do not wish to mistakenly recruit those who are not ready for the rigors and responsibilities of deep range monster hunting. They are usually easy to spot around Tradekeep however; they wear iconic green cloaks and hoods, many also wear brown masks.

The Bravaullian Scouts are exacting in who they let in, however they are very effective. Most folk throughout Bravaul recognize the Scouts and support their actions. Of course there are those who feel they are vigilantes and a danger, but most trust the Scouts. Oftentimes the Bravaullian Scouts will call upon the aid of adventurers or other altruists who are willing or able to help, but perhaps unable to by themselves.

While most Scouts are skilled warriors, they do not see themselves as an army. The Scouts serve more of a reconnaissance role. They pay close attention to reports of monster sightings, the tracks of dangerous animals, and signs of bandit activity. They then report back to the Shield Bearers of the Dragon mercenary outfit or the Dalnorum headquarters in Tradekeep. However, both groups are active and busy with their own affairs, so the Scouts often times take matters into their own hands by addressing the problem head on themselves, by recruiting volunteer soldiers, building militia units, or petitioning adventurers for aid.

The Bravaullian Scouts are always looking to enlist new members into the ranks and promising adventurers would do well to look into joining.

Bravaullian Scouts

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