Tag: Ring


  • Ring of Heart

    At a glance the Ring of Heart appears to be a simple loop of polished silver, however inside the band there is an inscription written in an ancient form of [[Adranatas | Adranatan]] common which reads "honor, courage and above all: strength."

  • Ring of War

    This ring is wrought from iron and has a decent weight to it despite its size. The metal is cool to the touch and has a lusterless charcoal color. Along the inside of the band a dwarvish inscription reads: "War is unending, but one must always fight to …

  • Ring of Magic

    This solid gold ring features a small red ruby brimming with magic power. There have been many attempts to make "limitless casting" items, rings such as these are such an attempt. This particular ring has passed through the hands of many spellcasters …

  • Ember Ring

    This ring appears to be made from a still smoldering coal, it is hefty and feels rough like stone. No doubt this ring comes from the elemental plane of fire, but how it came to Dalun is unclear. It smells faintly of smoke.