Tag: Northwater


  • Norbuld

    Captain Norbuld is a proud warrior and giving friend. Skilled in horseback riding and archery; he is a tenacious combatant and a fair leader. Cpt. Norbuld is head of the northern-most garrison which overlooks the east branch of the [[Elernain Forest]] …

  • Alkin

    The loyal sergeant of Cpt. Norbuld. Sgt. Alkin is stationed at the [[Emrenbrak]] garrison on the north side of [[Northwater]].

  • Kierdan "Night Dancer"

    The famous and elusive "Night Dancer" is a half-elf thief who claims to only steal from those who deserve it. Works out of [[Northwater]].

  • Herdalin

    A sea captain of the ship, Crown of the Nornuen, and brother to the thief [[:Kierdan | Kierdan]].

  • Dauthir

    A scholarly aid to Lord Berrund, Earl of [[Northwater]]. He knows a great deal of demons, devils and other extraplanar creatures.

  • Captain Tercis

    The young captain of the [[:berrund | earl's]] men, Tercis, was appointed his position thanks to his birth rank as a nobleman's son. He is of a lower house, however, so he was not afforded as lucrative a position as some of his aristocratic peers. He …