Tag: Human


  • Drelloch Vexteal

    Drelloch traces his lineage back from a long line of esteemed wizards. The Vexteal's have had a generations long relationship with the elves of the Glarwood. The sum of his family's research preserved among their long lived collaborators. During …

  • Seravic Drylo

    Seravic Drylo gained his silver tongue at high brow events in Moerth, catching his marks off guard as he palms expensive trinkets and baubles. His luck has run out and he is now on the run in the last human kingdom, Drasguard.

  • Donnus Kellendraw

    The Legend of Donnus Kellendraw By: Professor Adenzo Greycastle: Kaythra Kellendraw used to be named “The Muse of Mithfol” for her trials and victories during the War of Bloodstone in Drasguard. She prayed to the old deomongods of combat, they …