Tag: Drithkowl


  • Tay'do Hallour

    Gnome leader of the armed forces of [[Drithkowl]] and serves as regent to the people of the city. He holds court in [[The Frost Keep | The Frost Keep]].

  • Erzag

    A half-orc who came to [[Drithkowl | Drithkowl]] on behalf of his master, a mysterious man known only as "K" so far. Erzag is a servant to Golthos, who Erzag claims is powerful enough to enslave all of [[Rokourd]]. The last time he was seen Erzag …

  • Lanor Kalsbree

    A plump gnome living comfortably in his manor nestled in the mountain city of [[Drithkowl]] with his butler. Kalsbree has great knowledge of historical figures, ruins, magic items, legends, and other secrets and myths of the land. He is rather wealthy …

  • Master Lanyr

    A haughty wizard greedy for power, Lanyr is lord over [[Castle Imirun | House Imirun]] of city [[Drithkowl | Drithkowl]]. His family has ties to [[:hallour | Governor General Hallour]] and he was once a [[Wizards of the Kowl | Wizard of the Kowl]], but …