The Last of the Quest

The party meets an old friend

With the rescue of Solgrin’s brother, Perrin, the last member of the party had completed the quest that the adventuring group had sworn to complete back at The Grinning Goblin all those days ago. And after the recent bloodshed in the celestial realms the party agreed to separate for a time. Gylek entered a state of solitary contemplation, weighing his faith in Iess against his dependence on the malicious being, Reblithar. Larkspur headed north to wander, hunt game and enjoy the wilds. Aegishand returned home to Eltgaard to see to his wife and kingdom; there was an important vote to be had concerning rulership when he left. Solgrin had a lot of catching up to do with Perrin and also a great deal of rebuilding and recruiting if the Drothspell name was to survive. Goltheiron wished to found an order of warriors to protect Dalun the way that the Ainugrand defended his home world of Noruld, so he headed out to begin his work.

Three months later, while Larkspur was wandering through the mountains, he encountered an old ally… Mogroth. The half-orc explained that he survived the collapse of the Silt Lord’s realm and after the death-like experience he needed time to reflect on his quest and what he and his allies were really doing. He spent a great deal of time wandering and fighting monsters for the folk of the Green Country when he eventually decided that it would be best for him to return to his allies and help them uphold their oaths to each other. He was pleased to hear that each of the other adventurers had completed their personal tasks and hoped that if they helped him complete his, then all of this could be put behind them and they could all move on.

One by one Larkspur and Mogroth rounded up the rest of the party, meeting with Aegishand, then Solgrin and then Goltheiron. Gylek continued to remain in contemplation for his faith had been badly shaken. The party mounted up on their steeds (or in Aegishand’s case, the Grimelove stagecoach, driven by his man Hodges) and headed south where Mogroth believed the golden belt he sought all those days ago was. He explained that Maura, the woman he was to marry, was killed by a bandit while under the thrall of a wealthy lord he believed had become a vampire who was residing in the city of Bynornuen. The party entered the city and began their investigation down at the docks with a shipbuilder named Ganeram, a man who Mogroth suspected was using his business as a cover for the vampire-lord’s illicit dealings.

Ganeram was a sly, greedy businessman who was careful not to divulge too much, but while interacting with him Larkspur and Aegishand were able to glean that his master was very likely this vampire who desired Mogroth’s golden belt (among other “items of innocence”) to restore himself to mortality. Meanwhile, Solgrin and Goltheiron pursed a thief leaving a nearby warehouse. They chased the thief into a busy street and tackled him as he attempted to enter a boarded-up shop. In his possession was a diamond-like crystalline shard which looked uncannily like a fragment of the shard of time the party used to carry. They were perplexed as to how this shard could exist at all as they believed they had gathered all of its pieces, reforged the gem and after releasing its power to right the wrongs of Dranoth it should have been utterly destroyed. They confiscated the gem and dismissed the thief.

The party investigated the boarded up shop the thief attempted to enter and descebded into the a cellar which lead to a tunnel that drained into the storm sewers below the city. After walking a ways through the dark, narrow corridors of the city’s underside they encountered a vast chamber of muddy water with a treasure chest partially sunk into the muck below. As Aegishand and Solgrin climbed down the side of the pit towards the chest a massive sea creature burst through the loose ground, bringing a surge of filth-water with it. The mighty creature had control over the movements of the water around it and crackling bolts of lighting shocked the adventurers as they did battle with it. The beast swallowed Aegishand whole who had to cut his way out while Larkspur fired arrows and Goltheiron and Solgrin hacked away at it with their mighty swords. Ultimately they slew the ancient beast and its corpse sank back into the darkness of the pit. Inside the treasure chest was a deed for a large estate of land located within the city.

The party climbed out of the sewer system, cleaned themselves off and saw to their battle wounds. Afterwards they went to the city archives to discover the exact location of the plot of land listed on the deed, as the deed itself was written up so long ago that the street names and landmarks it referenced were out of date and unclear. As they had expected there was a handsome mansion seated on the deed’s property and was guarded by unfriendly-looking mercenaries. Larkspur crept ahead and poked his head into the estate-owner’s coach house, noting that one of the coaches was made of iron and lined with lead… furthering their suspicion that its owner was a vampire. The party decided to purchase a wagon and disguise it to appear as one of the vampire’s and used it to get close enough to the estate so that the rest of the party could sneak out and enter the manner’s cellar.

In the cellar below the mansion was a small chamber holding dry goods and casks of ale and so on, but also a secret passage that lead to another chamber. Inside the hidden chamber the party observed a casket occupied by a wealthy-looking man. Judging from his dark attire, high cheek bones, and short fangs he appeared to be the vampire they were after. All around him were items of various worth and significance including Maura’s gold belt, the item Mogroth swore to find. They adventurers rushed in to retrieve the belt, Goltheiron ran his holy sword through the heart of the vampire and Solgrin hacked the hand off an obstinate servant when they refused to relinquish the belt. Seeing the misery and bloodshed over what seemed like an honest attempt to reverse their lord’s vampirism, Larkspur reached into his pocket to use the fragment from the time stone to reset reality to just before they entered the chamber.

This time the party allowed the house servants to complete their ritual and restore the vampire-lord to life, but shockingly he rose out of the coffin and immediately drank the blood of the nearest servant. Seeing that the servants from the prior instance of reality must’ve been lying about returning their master to “life” Larkspur used the time crystal once more to try again.

Time rolled back a few minutes and the party rushed inside the chamber, grabbed the gold belt, didn’t wait around to see what would happen to the lord of the house and escaped. Aegishand jammed the lock to the secret door on their way out to buy themselves time as they fled to the surface. The party returned the gold belt to Mogroth who thanked and congratulated them. He explained that the belt itself was really more of sentimental value, but its return means that he can take it to the graves of Maura and her father and perhaps bring their anguished spirits to rest. Furthermore this means that truly the last of member of the adventuring party formed at the Grinning Goblin had finally completed their task.

The party has come a long way since the beginning of their adventure and they spoke briefly of breaking up the group for good and going their own ways, but the hour was late and they turned into their inn rooms to rest for what was left of the night…


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