The Hollow House

A monster hunt in Rorain leads to unexpected answers

When the magic of the god-stone in Goltheiron’s hand was released the party found themselves transported from Ashzenok’s lair to the center of Rorain’s forum square. They quickly disappeared into the crowd to avoid any unwanted attention and found a quiet place to listen to the town crier’s news. Apparently a group of elite mercenaries and adventurers going by the name of The Glorious House of Unrequited Might has established themselves in the city. In recognition of the opening of the new guild Duke Arkirk agreed to sponsor a monster hunt to bring adventurers to the city. The party responsible for the greatest kill would be rewarded with gold and glory and would be offered an invitation to join The Glorious House of Unrequited Might.

Solgrin had not been to Burnordraath in some time and wished to visit a shrine constructed by his grand father to pay his respects. At the Sepulcher of Yuhl the warrior encountered a messenger who gave him a roundel displaying the Drothspell family heraldry along with the feather of a peregrine falcon. Solgrin kept his axe belted to his side and questioned the messenger who revealed that he was asked to report Solgrin’s arrival to a man wearing a dark cloak at a local tavern in Rorain. He was to say “Is Locstir coming?” as a code phrase to initiate the conversation. Solgrin paid the man to keep quiet and then returned to the city. He went to the tavern and spoke with the man briefly, but wasn’t able to get much information from him before he drew his wand on Solgrin. He cast a spell, Solgrin resisted the magic and killed the man. He recovered a simple brass key from his corpse and made off into the streets.

Goltheiron and Aegishand split up and did some digging around town to see what they could learn. Goltheiron spoke with the founder of the House of Might, a proud warrior named Hydratha, who explained his mission. Hydratha wishes to create an order of warriors and wizards dedicated to bringing themselves glory and power in their own names, not as sell-swords or vassals to one of the Horselords or anybody else. He offered membership to Goltheiron and his allies, acknowledging their reputation as heroes and champions, but the paladin declined. Aegishand discovered a seemingly empty warehouse on the waterfront with magic-infused locks. He was able to pick the locks, but the doors remained fixed in place by some spell.

The party met back up with Daylen at a tavern called “The Drunken Darter” and plotted their next move. They took some rest, as they had just come from the Abyss and then struck out in the middle of the night to the warehouse on the waterfront. They used the key Solgrin found and let themselves inside. The grounds were empty, but beneath a discreet trap door they found a prayer circle of red-clad cultists. The cultists were chanting infernal words into a column of magic smoke suspended in the center of the room. The cult leader explained that if the party should choose to interrupt them that a devil would be loosed upon them. Apparently the cultists had recently met with a nobleman from Solgrin’s past, a man named Tannoc, who was making a bargain with a devil they summoned. The cult leader claimed that Tannoc made a deal to secure himself some sort of unholy divination.

The party discussed attacking the cultists, but chose not to intervene. Daylen and Goltheiron knew that the cultist was telling the truth and neither of them wished to risk releasing a devil upon Rorain. Once the ritual was complete the cultists left and the party argued over the wisdom of allowing them to send the devil back to the Hells. They decided to track the cultists back to see where they were headed and sure enough they entered the front door to halls of The Glorious House of Unrequited Might.

Quickly the group strode inside and confronted Hydratha who did not immediately confirm or deny any involvement with devils or cultists. He took them to the basement of the estate where he guided them to a pentagram branded upon the floor. Hydratha’s flesh burned away as he revealed his true form; he was a pit fiend wearing the skin of a man. The cultists from the warehouse joined the fray and battle was joined. It was a bloody engagement ending with Aegishand and Goltheiron wounded on the ground and Solgrin and Daylen desperately fighting tooth and nail with the devil. Daylen telekinetically lifted Aegishand’s blade and struck from a distance while Solgrin retrieved Goltheiron’s holy sword, Qel’alas​, and struck the final blow felling the pit fiend Hydratha. The party stabilized their wounded and fled out an escape tunnel to the docks.


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