The Descent of Heaven

After returning to Castle Drothspell and seeing to a few things as its rightful new ruler, Solgrin and Perrin, along with their allies, entered the vault below the keep. Only a Drothspell could open the gate and within they found the interred dead of the Drothspell line. Of course an entire generation was missing from the catacomb, as the murderous Causwolds were not about to bury those they betrayed within the mausoleum. At the far end of the vault was the Black Blade of family Drothspell, a weapon and heirloom of great power and significance.

As Solgrin took up his ancestral weapon and was explaining its history to his allies a messenger entered the doorway of the vault to say they had a visitor. The party went outside to speak with a man who appeared ragged from his journey. He was covered in blood (though Gylek quickly discerned not his own) and spoke only fragmented words, the man had lost much attempting to deliver his message. Ultimately he did convey that some majestic being wielding great power descended upon his village and destroyed everyone and everything in sight. Disturbed and curious the party gathered their supplies and headed out.

At their arrival to the humble village the party did not find corpses, ruins or any sign of battle. Instead the village was oddly quiet. There was evidence of perhaps a sudden exodus, discarded belongings left in the street, front doors left ajar and so on, however the only person in sight seemed entirely calm and likely not from the village itself. In the open stood a man wearing a simple grey robe and wearing a holy chain of Ies. Larkspur could not find any tracks around the village to explain what might have happened, but Aegishand thought he smelled bad magic in the air. The party approached the monk cautiously who explained that he was a messenger from the higher planes who had come to Dalun to summon the adventurers to speak with his masters. They questioned him about the village and why an angel would want to speak with them and he simply said that it was not his place to say and it was his duty only to bring them to the heavenly realms. They agreed and gathered round, the monk’s form changed into that of a planetar as golden rays of light shined down from the parting clouds.

In an instant they were brought to a Celestial realm and escorted towards a great marble palace. The angelic domain was utterly magnificent, a marble city suspended in the clouds with flowing falls of water, growing green plants and ivy, columns of stone and angels all around. Celestial warriors drilled with their captains in an open forum nearby with silver weapons while scholars of wisdom debated ancient lore on the steps of a great white university hall. The party was taken to the central palace and stronghold of the realm where they were bidden to speak to a solar, the mightiest of angels, the lord of the realm.

There they were “offered rest” as the solar explained that, for the good of Dalun and those they love, the party was henceforth to remain here. The group discussed the solar’s concerns and the conversation sounded oddly similar to the one with Melikir regarding the doom of Dalun. The solar asserted that eventually each member of the adventuring party would lose his way and turn to madness or inadvertently cause the destruction of themselves or others in their never ending quests. The party disagreed, arguing that they have defeated great evils, traveled the planes, fought dragons and banished devils; they argued that they do have the courage and wisdom to wield their own power and ultimately refused the solar’s offer for eternal imprisonment.

At this point the angelic lord had no choice, but to summon a guard of celestial devas to escort the unwilling adventurers to their new confines. Larkspur spoke, asking “did you ever think the blood of angels would be spilt here?” and battle was joined. The solar’s dancing sword was mighty and each arrow it fired carried with it the promise of death. The adventurers had fought through the hells and back and were not about to be defeated now. Seven angels were slain and as more celestial warriors rushed towards the palace Gylek opened a gate to the domain of an old ally, Reblithar. The being took shape as a nine foot tall humanoid whose form was entirely obscured by flowing blood. The ever hungry monstrosity dug its fangs into the flesh of the angelic warriors. The party did not wait to see who would win and escaped the heavens with a plane shift spell.


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