Capturing a Devil

The party takes a devil captive in Burnordraath

After returning to the surface from the one winged dragon’s lair Larkspur and Gylek agreed to guide the rescued prisoners back to Rorain. A young knight of House Illyre asked the party about their story, as he thought that they fought valiantly against the dragon and its horned devil allies. Aegishand explained that they have been pursuing a cult responsible for calling demons and devils to Dalun. They revealed that it was themselves that slew Hydratha of the House of Unrequited Might and they intend on slaying as many of these extraplanar evils as they must. The knight was pleased to hear this and explained that his master, Aginarbold, is working on a plan to level the playing field against their rival, House Causwold. The knight told his own story of how he came to the dragon’s lair; he and a band of fellow warriors were attacked by a demon summoned by a Causwold sorcerer. They had little hope and were defeated, he survived and was dragged down into the dragon’s dungeon. He also relayed that he overheard quite a bit of the dragon’s discussions with various humanoid agents, mercenaries and spies that worked with the red dragon for some evil purpose.

Ultimately the party decided to hear out Aginarbold to see what his plan is and if their goals would align with his. The party traveled southeast across the steppe following Solgrin’s lead, as he knew the terrain the best of the group. Upon arriving at castle Illyre the party saw that Aginarbold was preparing a war band for a coming battle. The party met with Lord Aginar in the keep of the castle, exchanged introductions, and then got down to discussing the battle plan. Aginar revealed that he wishes to attack the smallest of the Causwold’s holdings and hit them hard enough to force them to call on upon a demon for aid. The party debated the likelihood of success and pointed out the obvious risks, but in the end they decided to help the Horselord.

It took a day longer to prepare the men for combat and then two more days to march north into range of the Causwold castle. There Aginarbold commanded his men to assemble a catapult to throw stones at the castle wall, it stripped away a good deal of brick and mortar, but failed to bring the wall down. Once the siege was underway a group of villagers fled the nearby lands towards the castle, but the Causwold men took no chances and not only kept the gate locked but began firing arrows on their own serfs. Those who did not run were killed and worse yet a necromancer animated their corpses and sent them to attack Aginarbold’s men. Aginar’s archers spent many of their arrows, but they managed to knock down the advancing zombies before they reached the siege line.

Running out of options Goltheiron suggested that he and his allies approach the castle and demand an audience with the master of the hold. He, Solgrin, and Aegishand rode up to the gate and called out to the castle guards. Eventually a knight named Sir Elyak and a sorcerer came down to treat with the paladin, warrior and rogue. Both sides were confident of their victory and refused to accept the other’s offer for surrender. A fight broke out, the sorcerer was killed and the knight-captain of the Causwolds fled back to the castle. Solgrin and the others gave chase, the gate slammed closed behind them and they were met with a hail of arrows and a wall of spears inside the courtyard. They fought their way into the tower where Elyak had fled, battled their way past a group of soldiers and finally confronted the knight on the battlements above the castle.

During the duel Elyak transformed himself into a pit fiend while standing on a red glyph of power. The party was able to defeat him despite his infernal gift. Remarkably Solgrin stayed his hand from a killing blow even when Elyak taunted him for not being able to save his family. Instead the warrior knocked the devil unconscious and they dragged the beast out of the castle. The defenders of the fortress made way for the victorious adventuring party, too frightened and too awed by what had just happened to stop them.


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