"Slayer's Hands"

Bracers that grant bonus critical damage


Grants +2d6 damage on a successful critical hit with a melee or ranged weapon; this effect applies to spells as well. This item uses the wearer’s “gauntlet spot” and both bracers must be worn for the bonus to take affect (5e).


These sturdy leather bracers feature bands of iron that wrap about the wrist and forearm. There is a small pad of leather connected to the gauntlet portion of the bracer that extends across the back of the hand with two small loops to “grab” the wearer’s fingers. The bracers feel tight, but give the wearer additional control over his weapon.

The exact history of the bracers is unknown, but the last user, a half-orc barbarian, wore these bracers into battle and was ultimately slain during a fight at the Four Winds tavern.

"Slayer's Hands"

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