Ember Ring

Grants ability with fire


While wearing the Ember Ring the bearer may easily light a flame with a gesture and a spark despite most adverse conditions. The flame either sprouts from the wearer’s hand (centered over the ring) or other combustible surface or material the ring bearer touches. Lighting most fires (anything from a funeral pyre, to a candle, a torch, or a camp fire) requires just a Bonus action. Lighting such a flame during the rain or wind is just as easy; the Ember Ring cannot, however, light a flame where fire cannot exist such as underwater. The bearer has extrasensory control over flames lit with the ring, for example they could smother a lamp that they lit with the ring by no more than shaking their hand or flicking their wrist. Similarly they can increase or decrease the size, warmth and light the flame bears by up to twice or half its usual magnitude. Flames lit by the ring have particular hardiness to the weather and are less likely to be put out by wind or water, but can still be smothered by mundane means if such means are substantial enough (such as a pale of water or dirt being thrown over a fire). Wearing the ring does not grant remote command over fire, nor does the ring offer any significant protection against fire or flame-based attacks, spells or heat effects (such as from traveling in a hot climate). Curiously, fire elementals cannot attack someone wearing an Ember Ring unless there are no other targets and the wearer attacks the elemental first.


This ring appears to be made from a still smoldering coal, it is hefty and feels rough like stone. No doubt this ring comes from the elemental plane of fire, but how it came to Dalun is unclear. It smells faintly of smoke.

Ember Ring

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