Drelloch Vexteal

Human Wizard from Tradekeep


Drelloch traces his lineage back from a long line of esteemed wizards. The Vexteal’s have had a generations long relationship with the elves of the Glarwood. The sum of his family’s research preserved among their long lived collaborators.

During Drelloch’s training under the elves he was approached by a powerful mage named Malereign. Malereign was an old man by the time he had met Drellock, but he was both wise and especially keen for his old age. Drelloch was impressed with Malereign’s power, and had felt his dependence on the elves to learn secrets had slowed conciderably since he became a more established wizard. Drelloch left his familial duty to collaborate with the elves to his brother, Dainorwin. Drelloch left with Malerein back to Rokourd to expand his understanding of the minutia of the arcane.

Under Malerien’s tutelage Drelloch gained deep insights into the complex nature of magic. Each stride Drelloch made with Malerein in uncovering mysteries of the arcane seemed to lead to darker and more perverse applications of magic. Drelloch felt unsettled by where his research was taking him. He had been influenced greatly by the elves, feeling that magic was a more naturalistic, not meant to be twisted and applied in manufactured ways. Drelloch felt himself tested by the questionable distortion of magic his new mentor seemed to favor, however the knowledge and power he was gaining placated his qualms.

Months passed in Malerein’s tower. In this time Drelloch began to notice more disturbing things about his mentor. Malerein seemed to be intentionally testing Drelloch’s knowlege of Elven magical lore and applying that knowledge in corrupt ways. It seemed as if Malerein was planning on using dark magic to make a contract with an infernal creature.

Drelloch Vexteal

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