Aegishand Bennudin Grimlove

A rather infamous, and retired Dwarvish thief.


Red and gray speckled hair is buzzed and balding, but his beard is burly and round. His sometimes glass, sometimes patched eye (depending upon ceremony) is mirrored by one of a grey blue-ish hew. He meets about low chest height on average sized humans, but is strong. He is clad often in brown and black leather, a hooded shawl, and many hidden daggers, though he is sometimes more refined (vested doublet, tunic, etc.) This wealthy dwarf has known the wearing of rags, but prefers finely wrought and crafted garmentry. His eye is kind, and his smile endearing. Despite his age, he is lithe, despite his stout form, dextrous, and though many call him a thief he assures; he is an individual of pure-ish intention.


Aegishand Bennudin Grimlove

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