The Wizard's Plane

Leaving Dalun

The party had little choice but to step forth through the magic door that took them into Master Lanyr’s demi-plane of existence. Before them they saw a brick road that wound its way past a large forest, through a village, around a mountain and up to a palace at the top of a broad hill. Lanyr’s plane of existence is a magically created world inspired by a man whose traveled Dalun’s southern kingdoms. Its appearance does not favor any one particular realm over another, but the marble columns and antiquated homes are reminiscent of the classical paintings and descriptions of the old kingdoms. Without too much of a warning, or certainly any welcome, a pair of minotaurs roared and charged the party. With the wounds from their previous battle, the fight proved to be bloody, however in the end the beasts were slain and healing spells cast.

After the battle Gylek explained that in order to channel the positive energy needed to create healing magic he must balance this power with negative energy. After healing the party Gylek then began using necrotic magic to animate the bones of the dead Minotaurs. To power the spell he crushed a captured fairy in his hand and drew power from the Icon of Zethos that he had been carrying in his possession. Before the party’s eyes the Minotaurs rose once more, this time suspended in death and under Gylek’s complete control. Naturally the reanimation of the dead triggered an ethical discussion amongst the party. Gylek explained that this expression of negative energy is necessary in order to maintain his healing powers.

While some members of the company voiced opposition to the use of Necromancy and the undead, some were more passive or accepting, but ultimately the party deemed it best to just move on. Following Larkspur’s lead the group made their way towards the forest hoping to hide from any divination spells that Master Lanyr might use to spy on them. After traveling for about a day the party set up camp and rested. Upon waking in the morning they found that Goltheiron had vanished, so they set out to track him down. As Larkspur followed his tracks night fell once more and one by one the party was separated from each other.

The party reconvened in a dark, stone chamber underneath the earth. A mysterious, elf-like being, explained that Master Lanyr keeps a wrathful eye on all of his subjects. He uses the folk of the nearby village for experimenting on with spells and uses his magic to observe all that moves within his domain. The elf-like creature also explained that here in this place Master Lanyr holds great power, but this power comes from three different sources across the demi-plane. There is a “sin-eater” who lives just beyond the village who maintains the villagers’ sanctity who also holds a portion of Lanyr’s power. Within the mountains to the north there is a shrine atop a cliff which houses a third of Lanyr’s strength. And finally within the forest they entered a day ago there is a shallow cave which also fuels Lanyr’s might. The party can seek out and destroy these sources of power to make their confrontation with Lanyr easier or they can attempt to infiltrate his palace unnoticed and catch him unawares, albeit at full strength.


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