Shadows of the Sun

Fortress sneaking and a prison break

The party reconvened after their escape from the Fortress of the Darkened Sun and discussed their next move. It was decided that there was unfinished business inside the fortress and speculation that Al’iikbad had not truly been slain, Goltheiron suggested that the evil sorcerer had become a lich. Daylen and Aegishand got to work securing a supplies wagon scheduled for delivery to the fortress. After a scuffle with the local garrison and a brief chase the party eluded their foes and made off with the supply wagon.

The following evening the party used stealth, magic and deceit to re-infiltrate the fortress. They were guided inside and taken to a lower level where the supplies would be offloaded by a handful of servants. Solgrin, Malmöl, and Goltheiron sprang from their hidden positions in the back of the wagon and slew the nearby enemy soldiers. The party then crept on ahead, taking the soldiers’ uniforms as disguises, and made their way to the dungeon.

They had to relinquish their weapons before entering the prisoner holding area, but it was worth the risk because they made contact with a resistance agent. A human male who had been taken captive for “seditious activity” revealed himself to be a member of a resistance movement with aims to disrupt Al’iikbad’s rule. The party decided to rescue the agent and motivate a prison revolt to provide cover… and perhaps a bit of justice.


SeanRFreund SeanRFreund

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