Deep within the Elernain Forest there lies a stone fortress built by the elf lords of the Glarwood. The castle was constructed many years ago, some scholars suggest that it was built even before Men came to Dalun. Never-the-less it has stood the test of time for as long as anyone can remember. The castle is built on butresses and columns that suspends it over the split in the river, this allows ships to pass underneath and the soldiers to screen passing vessels for contraband. However, so few travelers pass this way anymore and the garrison has dwindled over time that the remaining guardians of Vaelyngroth simply provide a safe haven for what travelers do come through.

Vaelyngroth is known by “the Dragon’s Roost” to many non-elven communities because according to legend a great elder wyrm used to live where the castle is now. The primary function of the fortress these days is to provide a stop-over point for travelers heading through the forest or along the river. However, the fortress can be difficult to reach because the Eredral River flows from East to West making travel by boat slow at best. Vaelyngroth is located in somewhat of a no-man’s-land as it lies south east of Vyankal, north east of Caeilidran, and west of Burnordraath.

The defenders of Vaelyngroth are almost entirely of pure elvish blood, though there are some half-elves as well. This is because the original castellan of Vaelyngroth was of course elven, the lord he swore fealty to was an elf, his soldiers were elves and military tradition is hard to break, so the soldiers there are still elves. Their banner is crimson red and features an upward flying gold dragon with a long, slender tail. Many of the soldiers of the garrison are skilled archers and swordsmen.

The present commander and castellan is an elf named Calundor.


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