There once was a race of men who lived in what is now known as Rokourd. Having descended from the lines of Adranatas over a thousand years ago, these men carved a living out of the snow and rock of the frozen north. There is little left of the northern kingdom and most have no memory of the old ways of the Riddare. Most folk just call them the Northmen.

The Riddare were an ancient people during a less civilized age

History has all but forgotten the Riddare. Many who study the old world are content to say the Empire of Adrantas was divided into three lesser kingdoms: Luiēn, Trazial, and Drasguard, however there was a fourth. A forgotten kingdom known as Rüdvaar and the people who dwelt there were the Riddare.

The Riddare were a stout and hardy people who contested with the will of the ice giants of Auth Rador. At the height of their society it is said that they had built great aqueducts that could carry fresh water from the mountains down to their fortified keeps in the valleys below. The Riddare were highly adapted to the cold and needed little protection in the way of shelter, furs, and fire. The greatest threat to the Riddare was not, in fact, the cold, the nigh-constant blizzards, and the long frozen nights, but the constant raid of white dragons and their frost giant thralls.

Typically male Riddare wore long beards, perhaps adorned with simple jewelry or tokens of war. Belt buckles made of precious metals were a sign of status or wealth and usually the larger the better. Riddare women often served as laborers, craftspeople, and masons (as the walls and towers of their lands were usually battered by enemy boulders and spells) thus they often wore lighter garment. Women also served as warriors and could earn land just as men could.

However as the kingdom of Rüdvaar went into decline the way of the Riddare began to die out and all fell into barbarism. The barbarians of the barren tundra are the legacy of the once proud Riddare. Legends hold that there may still be enclaves of civilized folk who revere the ancient Riddare ways. There are many ruined towers and castles that now serve as dens for barbarians or giants that may have old Riddare relics and weapons buried within.


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