The “lost kingdom” of men, Rüdvaar was one of the four kingdoms which resulted from the fracturing of Adranatas. The men of Rüdvaar are known as the Riddare and what is left of their descendants can be found scattered throughout Imnisvael.

History & Formation
During the closing of the first age Ulnath Ultyr, lord commander of the Imperial Legion XVII, oversaw the peace accords between Adranatas and the folk of the north. He won recognition from the dwarves and gnomes of the north for his wisdom and justice. Because of the controversy back in the capital over how the war ended orders were slow and infrequent to the empire’s many armies. When orders did arrive to Ulnath’s captains the commands were oftentimes incomplete, contradictory or simply impossible. It was clear that there were factions vying for control back home and so Ulnath gave himself “provisional powers” and declared himself Magistrate of the North.

The peace agreement between the humans and the folk of the north forbade humans from settling in dwarven or gnome lands, but permitted the humans to keep the fortresses and outposts that they had established throughout the Kaldtsveld and Jorbrak. During this time Ulnath’s men laid the foundations for what would later become the city of Edril, they also constructed bridges at the Blue Pass and Kroval Ford. However, while Ulnath himself may have earned the respect of the dwarven and gnome royalty and military caste, the common folk did not welcome the humans into their communities. Dwarven craftsmen would refuse human-commissioned work and gnome merchants would charge exorbitant prices for simple goods and services.

A faction of diehard imperial soldiers felt that Ulnath was weak and bent his knee to the demi-humans of the north and many deserted whereas others missed “the soldier’s life” and abandoned their posts. Of those who remained some died of famine, were killed in skirmishes with dwarven or gnome holdouts or murdered by giants and other monstrous creatures emboldened by the recent flames of war. Eventually Ulnath knew that his people would not survive if they continued their sojourn in Rokourd. Historians still debate why Ulnath chose to march north through the Frozen Pass as opposed to heading back into safer, human-held lands.

Ulnath lead his people along the Hrothfjord River into a realm known by those of Rokourd as “The Barren Tundra.” It was a difficult journey with no particular destination in sight, but Ulnath was determined to find a safe place for his people to call home. He wished to find a place that was far enough from Dalun where the indigenous peoples knew nothing of the empire and their war. It is unclear as to how far Ulnath and his people traveled, but as they traveled he found that the sun remained in the sky longer until eventually his people arrived to a place where the sun never set. They found that the sun would hang low in the sky for a time and then rise back to its zenith once more. This is where Ulnath and his people made their home for the constant rays of the sun kept them warm despite the harsh cold of the far north.


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