Dalun is but one region in a much larger world, but the territories beyond Dalun are difficult to reach, uncivilized, or outright dangerous. Dalun is made up of eight different realms, each with their own peoples and rulers. Most folk, however, do not identify themselves by the realm from which they are from, but usually a region within that realm or more likely by the name of the nearest settlement. Below are the names and descriptions of the eight realms of Dalun:

Breforr: the mountainous region of East Dalun
Burnordraath: the windswept plains beneath the mountains in Central Dalun.
Caelildran: the green lands of West Dalun
Drasguard: the brave kingdom of South Dalun
Lathlor: the elven lands of Northwest Dalun
Rokourd: the frozen lands of Northeast Dalun
S’skaria: the desert lands of the far Southeast.
Vyankal: a barren and cursed land.

Throughout the realms there are many places of significance such as holy sites, places of power, ruins, castles and of course, taverns. Below is a list of such places with a brief descriptor.

Castles and Fortresses – from the mighty dwarven halls, elven sanctuaries, from the numerous human castles dotted across the map.
Ruins and Magic Places – some ancient and forgotten, others well known and everything in between.
Taverns and Inns – some more prominent than others.


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