The three elf lines of Dalun can trace their lineages back to the great elf kings that came to Dalun centuries ago. There are high elves (also known as wood elves), gray elves (also known as mountain elves), and there are Sylvan elves. High elves are the most commonly found of all the elves and they mostly reside in the Glarwood, but may be found as far south as Orlael. The gray elves have built a few small cities in the Western Kulgarr Mountains. Sylvan elves are most commonly found in the territories West of the Glargilas Niral mountains, near the coast. All elves bond well with animals and have a deep reverence for nature and many worship the elemental gods. Additionally each elf type values seamanship, magic, and the arts.

A high elf on the left and a gray elf on the right

High elves are serious in nature and have the strongest bond with the land out of any other race of Dalun. This connection gives them a greater understanding of the world and an inclination towards natural magic. All elves are graceful and lithe, but high elves are also pious and thus many become druids or rangers. High elves are the most likely of all elves to become adventurers not only because they are the most numerous, but because they have the greatest sense of what ails the world.

Gray elves make their home in the mountains East of the Glarwood and this is where they get their other name, mountain elf. Gray elves tend to be solemn, but proud. The gray elf king who first left the Glarwood did so because he had become disenchanted with they way of life his kin led. The Glarwood has always been a place of strength and security, but felt his elven brothers became too accustomed to the sense of security and ignored the suffering of the outside world. Today many gray elves carry a great sorrow with them because it was their ancient king who foresaw the destruction of the world. Many gray elves feel a futility in adventuring and helping non-elf kind. However the gray elves who reject this doom become great heroes and wield their elven might with pride.

Sylvan elves live west of the Glargilas Mountains on the coast of Dalun. Carefree and aloof, sylvan elves give elves the stereotype of being tricksters and hedonists. While a sylvan elf enjoys a cup of wine as much as any other they are not all careless pranksters. In fact sylvan elves often feel a call to travel and many have a desire to see the world and enjoy its fruits. While smaller in number than high elves, they are just as likely to leave their home and explore the wider world. Sylvan elves are passionate about their beliefs and are strong of spirit which is why Sylvan elves have such strong personalities. Many are wild and unpredictable, some are zealous to a cause, others are deeply reverent; whatever a Sylvan elf’s calling may be it is certain they will pour all of their energy into pursuing that goal or ideal.


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