A large area dominated by mountains, littered with pockets of woodland and bracketed with rivers. Geographically Drasguard is separated into four major regions: North Drasguard which is the smallest and shares a border with the Spring Kingdom of Orlael, East Drasguard which is more or less the north western reaches of the Siskar Empire, South Drasguard which separates the autumnal lands of Drasguard with the Terakal Desert to the south, and finally the heart of Drasguard, Central Drasguard, or just The Capital as most call it. The only remaining kingdom in human lands, Drasguard stands alone. Alone in its duty to safeguard the greater region of Dalun and alone in its venerable ways of king and crown. Unlike their human cousins in Burnordraath or Caelildran, the men and women of Drasguard did not have the luxury of letting their swords lie after the closing of the First Age of Fire. S’skaria stands as a constant reminder that without strength through unity and absolute rule, then the fate of Drasguard, and quite possibly the rest of Dalun, will be left to darkness.

Many years ago, all humans saluted the banner of Drasguard as their sovereign land and protector. However, as Man’s influence over the lands extended north during their years of conquest they began to squabble over territory and findings alike. The human armies pushed the dwarves and elves out of their homelands and drove them east and north respectively. This left numerous cities and resources to divide among the remaining human generals and knights who lingered in their newly-won lands. Back then the humans called their empire: Adranatas, which was not only massive and expansive, but mighty in both its professional military and impressive government. The Empire of Adranatas was a spectacle of the old world and Drasguard now lives in the shadow of the once-great empire of man. As greed and corruption ate away at loyalties and trust, the human empire began to fracture and eventually split into three major kingdoms: Luiēn, Trazial and Drasguard.
While the other two human kingdoms fell Drasguard remained, but only through a harsh centralized rule, a strict policy of isolationism, and the need to unify and consolidate their lands. The peoples of Caelildran began to mingle with the elves, as did the humans of Burnordraath with the dwarves which many critics inside Drasguard cite as their downfall. Only through a stringent policy of neutrality and stoicism could Drasguard remain whole and face the threats of the sundered world all around them. This disregard for non-human races and alienation from the rest of Dalun left Drasguard to face the threat of the Siskars by themselves and give them a cloistered outlook on the rest of the world.

Our Brave Kingdom, Drasguard, known as the Guardian of the World is home to a people who are both courageous and stubborn. The gray and brown lands of South Drasguard are dry and nigh inhospitable, but the people of the Dun-wald scratch a living off the rock and root of the land. Mostly just poor farmers in the country, the rich and mighty live in sturdy fortress cities along the Southern Way. Ergellir being the furthest west is one of the most untouched by Siskar invasion and thus one of the wealthiest cities in all Drasguard. Although it is located at the end of a very long trade route, it is entirely self-sustaining. Ergellir is surrounded by land made fertile by the proximity to the sea, along with easy access to gem and metal rich mountains makes for profitable and sustainable living. Falindros and Akspir are two recruiting cities. These two settlements have some of the largest garrisons of Drasguard’s soldiers. Mithfol is a well-off city that is poisoned by corruption and deceit though safe due to it’s positioning west of Highwatch Keep, the rulers of Mithfol make a habit of selling their authority to the highest bidders. They are far enough away from the king in Aedrunirith yet close enough to the front lines to attract many warriors, smugglers, and spies making Mithfol ripe for dissent and organized crime. It was because of Mithfol that the term “the Gilded Cities” came about. On the outside Drasguard might seem a romantic land of knights, kings, and war which attracts many to the glitter of gold and the sounds of glory. However, on the inside Drasguard is a like an old suit of iron armor; it is tarnished and battered with many cracks and weakness slowly being chipped away at by rust and decay. Aedrunirith is a bastion of good and strength in Drasguard. It is at the very center of the kingdom and the king does his best to safeguard his lands and rule justly from there.

Plain drasguard shield
The shield of Drasguard, this coat of arms is worn by most soldiers throughout Drasguard

A typical Knight of Drasguard


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