Callon's Rest

Callon’s Rest

Callon’s Rest is one of the small family homesteads and villages that were carved out of the Elernain in the fertile land that exists in the region where the Eredral River and the N. Nornuen River converge. The land here, unlike much of the lands in the regions surrounding it is rich and arable. The major drawback to this region lie with the necessity to carve the land out of the thick forest of the Elernain, and restrict the forest from retaking the land. Additionally, the forest is a dangerous place and untamed, inhabited by numerous beasts, poachers and bandits. The river itself also hosts river pirates and brigands who prey on the trade barges going between Nornuen and Northwater through the river system.


Two generations ago Callon Thayne led a few families out from the drought and famine of central Burnordraath and struck upriver into the Elernain, eventually carving out land for farming in the rich soil north of the Nornuen tributary for the families. However, in the brutal winter that followed Callon was caught in a blizzard and perished. The families built a village on the banks of the river, and named it Callon’s Rest after the man who had led them there.

Special Note:
Home village of Valus Thayne, Calla Thayne, and Lyra Thayne.

Callon's Rest

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