A land between the Dungardt Mountains and the Elernain Forest, south of the Twin Seas and north of Drasguard. The Circletown Trade Road runs through Burnordraath.

Looking east across the Bregohar

The Kingdom of Trazial thrived as one of the many human kingdoms of old, but it too would eventually collapse. Too many claimants to the throne and a weakening central authority led to years of warfare. The fires of this war have burned away and all that is left are the still-warm ashes of an old and bloody conflict. There are some who would try to rally the remaining households and make their bid for kingship over the lands. However, there are simply too many pretenders and betrayals for any alliance to last long enough to make a difference. Today, Burnordraath is divided into two distinct cultures. There are the common-folk, city-dwellers, merchants, traders, craftspeople, and so on as well as the Horselords. The Horselords are further divided into two communities, there are those of noble blood who manage a manor with servants, horses, and small armies, keeping track of lineage and right-of-rule within the family line and then there are the nomads. Many nomads turn to barbarism and will raid passerbys, merchants, villages, and other travelers who may have some wealth. Not all of the nomadic clans are violent or resort to banditry, however the bad apples among them have earned the rest of them a poor reputation.

The landscape of Burnordraath is wide and hilly. In the center of Burnordraath there is a stretch of small mountains and rough hills which extend their roots all throughout the steppe-lands. While there are low and flat patches where animals graze and folk erect houses and villages, most of the land is rolling and uneven. Throughout the steppes there are hundreds of manors, castles, keeps and ruins that are home to noble families, marauding bandits, and forgotten lore and treasures from before the old age of fire. Horsemanship is a very important part of the way of life throughout the Bregohar. The Bregohannia are considered the greatest of all horses. It is not clear why these noble beasts are as mighty as they are, if it is the result of generations of breeding, innate magic of the land, or something far older is unclear.

A typical horseman of the steppe

Chief cities:
Northwater, a large city of hard workers and an impressive garrison.
Rorain, the wealthiest city of Burnordraath due to its trade position.
Hesforn, a dwarven/human mixed city.
Ashbrak, a culturally mixed city removed from the wars of both Burnordraath and Drasguard.


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