The Empire of Adranatas was the greatest of Man’s creations, or so its descendants, the Drasguardians, say. For thousands of years the empire grew and thrived, stretching up from the south all throughout Dalun. At its height, the empire of Adranatas reached from present day Drasguard in the south, to the Dungardt Mountains in the east, Caelildran to the west and all of Vyankal and most of Breforr and even the southern reaches of Rokourd to the north. The empire of Adrantas was truly mighty.

Exactly where the original men of Dalun came from is unknown, but for the most part it is believed they came from the south east, from the Terakal Desert. There were no creatures, save for a few monsters, that lived south of the Azefain Niral mountains, so it made for a natural home to the newly arrived human settlers. As more and more humans arrived in south Dalun, their settlements grew into stable outposts which turned into permanent communities and eventually grew into cities as we might recognize them today.

The record keeping of early Men was scarce and brief, but as the legends go one city rose above all the others and eventually there a king was born. This city was known as Alantyr. Alantyr itself is more of a myth than historical fact. There are many theories as to whether or not this city truly ever existed, but it is certain that the first King of Men was born somewhere in southern Dalun. This king’s name was Alandir.

Alandir’s birth was significant because it was marked by divine providence. Religious ceremony and ritual prophecy-reading confirmed that Alandir would be king and so he was. It is said that Alandir ruled for exactly one hundred years and that he was the greatest of kings. Whether or not this is true it did start a royal bloodline that would go unbroken for many thousands of years. After Alandir died and his son, Adrondir, took the throne the kingdom would become known as Adranatas which means “Land of the King” in ancient Drassic.

As Adrondir’s power grew the Land of the King spread and his influence increased. Adrondir would have a son, Danduron, who would become king and rule for many years. The line continued for several generations until King Drasguron unearthed the ancient scepter of Alandir and dubbed his kingdom an empire and vowed to conquer all of Dalun.

From this point on the emperors of Adranatas would devote themselves to expansion and conquest. It was during this period that the humans, relative new comers to Dalun, would start to war with the older races of the land. The dwarves, elves, gnomes, and halflings did not observe the same divine mandate of conquest that the humans had received. Because of this, there would be much war and bloodshed.


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