Tag: Tradekeep


  • Drelloch Vexteal

    Drelloch traces his lineage back from a long line of esteemed wizards. The Vexteal's have had a generations long relationship with the elves of the Glarwood. The sum of his family's research preserved among their long lived collaborators. During …

  • Erel

    Erel "goes way back" with a number of folk, he is as honest as a thief can be and has always had his friends' interests close at heart. He knows [[:aegishand-bennudin-grimlove | Aegishand]], [[:solgrin-drothspell | Solgrin]], Goltheiron, Larkspur, [[: …

  • Noruth

    Accomplice to Tagoth during their attempt to steal [[:kassus | Sir Kassus's]] family crown. He was captured by the household guards.

  • Adenn

    During the heist to rob [[:kassus | Sir Kassus's]] estate Adenn was able to escape.

  • Tagoth

    Captain of the ship Baron's Scepter and mastermind thief behind the heist to steal [[:kassus | SIr Kassus's]] crown. Associated with [[:noruth | Noruth]] and [[:adenn | Adenn]].

  • Boral

    House mage to [[:baron-vaustburn | Baron Vaustburn]]. He is paid well for the magical services that he provides, but is also fiercely loyal. Boral fought in the battle to save [[Tradekeep | Tradekeep]], but was injured and returned to Baron's estate to …