Tag: Leader


  • Arkirk of Durvane

    The Duke of [[Rorain | Rorain]], Arkirk of family Durvane is a tough and honest ruler. He dresses plainly and speaks his mind. The duke, and his fathers before him, have historically taken a neutral position in the war efforts of the [[Horselords]] of …

  • Tay'do Hallour

    Gnome leader of the armed forces of [[Drithkowl]] and serves as regent to the people of the city. He holds court in [[The Frost Keep | The Frost Keep]].

  • Lord Aginar

    A barrel-chested man with more hair on his chin than his head. Aginar is tall, stout and has a voice of gravel. The people of [[Burnordraath | Burnordraath]] call men like Aginar a [[Horselords | horselord]] as he is the leader, or Aegenbold, to house …