Swift Sword of Striking

A thin, light rapier

weapon (melee)

The “Swift Sword of Striking” is a +1 rapier which grants an additional attack each time the wielder takes an attack action. This extra attack stacks with attacks granted from class abilities that grant additional attacks such as the Barbarian or Fighter’s “Extra Attack” ability. Given that this extra attack can only be taken while taking an attack action, no additional attack is granted when making an attack of opportunity.


This rapier features a straight, tapered blade with a long crossguard. The hilt is smooth and feels like it could easily roll through the user’s hand. The sword is also exceptionally well balanced and surprisingly light. There are a pair of initials on the pommel of the sword which read “HJ” with what appears to be a small hammer set within the letter “H.” No other markers indicate where this sword may have come from, but judging from the sharpness of its blade and the ease at which it sings through the air it has no doubt felled many foes.

Swift Sword of Striking

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