Staff of Mana

A magic staff which boosts a spell caster's power


Once per day the Staff of Mana provides the caster with a +2 increase to his proficiency bonus and may treat his caster level as being 2 higher for a single spell. This means that a particular spell may deal increased damage or have a higher spell save DC. (5e)


A solid oak staff with a lozenge-shaped hollow at the top of the haft. The top of the staff flairs into four angular parts which bend back inward, resembling a diamond, the flared parts are twisted as though two hands rotated the tip and the base of the diamond in opposite directions. The space within the hollow glows with blue light when a spell is cast.

The previous wielder of the staff was a wizard named Hartholos who was slain during a battle at the Four Winds tavern. Hartholos was not the original maker or wielder of the staff. It is said that the Staff of Mana was shaped from a branch cut from a dying tree in the city of Trundor. A druid by the name of Kathar’a-rail worked the branch into a staff and cast all of his magic through the staff during his many adventures. It wasn’t until he attempted to reincarnate a slain ally when the staff gained its magical properties.

Ultimately the staff would pass from Kathar’a-rail some time after his death. The staff was lost for a time and rediscovered by a gang of brigands who robbed an apprentice mage in the night. Later the brigands were slain by a team of mercenaries who later sold the staff at the local market (who had failed to realize the staff’s power) and eventually a young wizard realized that the Staffof Mana was not simply an eye-catching walking stick and bought the it for 5 silver pieces.

Staff of Mana

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