Scabbard of Sharpness


This scabbard keeps any bladed weapon (dagger through greatsword) sharp and in perfect fighting condition, so long as this scabbard is belted any weapon that is drawn from it deals +1d4 slashing damage with every attack. This bonus only applies to hilted, bladed weapons and only 1 weapon in your possession at a time.


The Scabbard of Sharpness has carried many swords, some used for good and some used for evil. It has been worn on the hips of many warriors and over time its exact history is unknown. Its original maker, however, is said to have been an apprentice swordsman who cared more for his weaponry than he did his swordsmanship. His tutors told him that if he spent as much time exercising with his weapons as he did caring for them that he would be the greatest swordsman in all of Dalun.

Scabbard of Sharpness

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