Riddare Sword of Dragonslaying

A spirit-forged blade

weapon (melee)

This weapon is a magical longsword which provides a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls as well as an additional 3d6 damage against dragons. It also provides a +1 bonus to the attack and damage rolls to all allies who can see the wielder.


The Riddare Sword of Dragonslaying was forged by the ghostly spirit of a Riddare smith of Imnisvael. The sword at first appeared as simply an imaginary weapon in the hands of the ghostly blacksmith who introduced the weapon and its purpose to the band of adventurers who it was gifted to. After explaining that the weapon, although invisible at first, was destined to slay a great foe they agreed to take the weapon and restore some peace to the ruins. When Solgrin drew the weapon from the ice the spirit placed it within, it took shape into a blue-silver blade with a curving gold crossguard.

Riddare Sword of Dragonslaying

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