Gift of the North

A magic boon from Imnisvael


The Gift of the North blesses the individual with resistance to cold damage, immunity to cold weather climates and additional protection against supernatural cold weather. A bearer of the Gift of the North finds themselves comfortable in freezing temperatures even without warm clothing. Environments of supernatural cold like the deep parts of Imnisevael or extraplanar domains of frost and ice are not as debilitating for a bearer of the Gift of the North. They are not totally immune to extraordinary cold and must still cloth themselves in warm outfits and take shelter from blizzards and ice storms while travelling such places.

Despite the power of the gift, a recipient of its magic can still get lost while traveling through cold environments and can still be injured by large hail and shards of ice or be blinded by sleet or heavy snowfall. They do, however, have advantage to saving throws and skill checks, such as to keep ones footing on slick ice or to track a foe, while in wintery conditions and icy environments.

Lastly, the Gift of the North conferred a portion of the Riddare’s might upon its recipients granting a one time permanent increase to their Strength score.


A group of adventurers originally out of Tradekeep secured the blessings of the Gift of the North after challenging the dragon, Xeralane, to battle atop the ruins of the first castle of the R├╝dvaar. There they slew the white wyrm granting some peace to the spirits of the Riddare that still dwell in that place.

Gift of the North

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