Cloak of Disguises

Maintain magic disguises


Aside from looking attractive, the cloak has magical properties which allow its wearer to alter his or her physical appearance. By drawing the cloak around the wearer, completely covering the body, the wearer may choose to completely re-define their physical appearance. A simple doublet may be glamored to appear as a full suit of plate or a coat of mail could “vanish” and the sound of the rings can be muffled for instance. If the hood is drawn up and the wearer turns away from any onlookers, then he may “rearrange” how his face looks altering attributes such as race, skin, hair and eye color. He can adjust things like facial scars or hair or the wearer could choose to appear to be wearing a mask, helmet or hat. The cloak itself can also be altered to appear ragged or even more regal, but the one limitation of the cloak is that the cloak must remain visible in some capacity. In other words, any disguise the wearer creates must incorporate some type of cloak, robe or cape. Effectively the cloak grants the wearer the ability to use disguise self at will and should grant advantage to any Charisma checks made to convey a disguise or impersonate another individual. Investigate or Perception checks made to notice a deception should be made at disadvantage (unless the wearer is doing some particularly obvious or contradictory to what the disguised character would do, such as portraying a famous wizard and claiming to not be able to cast magic or portraying a local folk hero and choosing to rob people). If the cloak is removed the magic leaves the wearer immediately and exposes them as whatever their normal appearance is.


The fabric of the cloak of disguises is dyed a rich purple and trimmed with gold thread. The previous owners of this cloak are unknown, but it was found in dragon’s horde of treasure along with a silver rapier and a jade figurine of a cat. Neither the rapier nor the figurine had magical properties, but they must have held some significant to the previous owner of this cape.

Cloak of Disguises

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