Charm of Healing

A small totem which strengthens healing


Grants the user a +2 bonus on all healing effects, this includes healing spells cast and special abilities used (like the paladin’s Lay on Hands or the fighter’s Second Wind). Furthermore the user recovers 2 additional HP when resting. This bonus only applies once per spell or effect, so a spell or ability that grants fast healing or regeneration only grants +2 HP the instant the spell is cast and not on subsequent rounds. (5e)


This small charm is crafted from bronze and resembles an open hand with the fingers and thumb pressed together (similar to the “halt” gesture). The charm itself is no more than an inch long and about half as wide; it has a small chain which can be affixed to a bracelet, gauntlet, weapon or holy symbol. The charm dangles loosely from the user and jingles slightly with a pleasant chime.

Charm of Healing

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