Solgrin Drothspell

Dark warrior of the Bregohar


Selected Drothspell family tree

| Grandparents
Pendrinbold the White (Drothspell) – Elessa (Causwold)

Pendrin was a holy man, well liked by the surfs. Notably constructed the Sepulcre of Yhul, said to have brought an end to the disease plaguing the land. He drew controversy with the marriage with Elessa of house Causwold, a large house that has felt marginalized in recent years due to poor marriage negotiations and scandals that weakened their claim. Offering them a seat at the table ended the autumn skirmishes the Causwold’s had been instigating. The era of peace and popular support that followed allowed for both houses to regain traction it has lost in recent decades. The controversial marriage sparked whispers of discontent from allied horselords.

Elessa was the eldest daughter of house Causwold, and a stunning beauty. She was loved by the people for her charity and often patronage of the arts, but often dismissed as a valuable match among other nobles due to her houses declining reputation. The house has consistently and categorically dismissed the allegations that they were founded by a tribe of nomads many generations ago. Instead the Causwold’s claim their lands lie at the edge of civilization and the other houses in fact owe them a debt for keeping them safe from nomad bandits.

| Parents
Rorgrinbold the Fellhanded (Drothspell) – Termissia (Andrathar)

Rorgrin was a brash warrior, first of six siblings. He rallied much nationalistic support with the marriage of Termissia of the house Andrathar, youngest of three, a small but wealthy Drasguardian house. Rorgrin felt his father’s stance on bringing his enemies into the fold was a sign of weakness, and was the source of the acidic words the horselords were now speaking with increasing volume. Feeling external pressures to shore up his borders, and to address questions as to his own competence Rorgrin raised levies and marched on a large group of nomads resting to the north. The nomad tribe, known as the Krastock, were organized and relatively peaceful, content to herd livestock and cultivate undisturbed. The Krastock were in no way related to the controversy that the Drothspell or the Causwold had found themselves in, but they were a safe target that no horselord would miss.

Rorgrin was a master strategist, and had no qualms attacking a peaceful people. The battle is considered a massacre by the nomads and ended the goodwill they had built up from previous generations. The horselords refer to this event as the Battle at Falconreach. In response, raids from the Krastock escalated season over season, with unexpected success in open combat. Many riders in the Krastock went into battle with face paint in the form of a skull. These riders became feared among the levies and began to refer to their enemies as the Skull Riders. The Skull Riders are those who had lost everything they held dear in the Battle at Falconreach, and have nothing left to lose.

In the wake of the Battle at Falconreach, House Drothspell found itself beset by very organized and determined raiders, ending the generation long era of prosperity.

Rorgrin began to lose grip of his senses, faced with the idea that he made the wrong call by going to war with the nomads while in the middle of a scandal, became conspiratorial and kicked out all but his closest advisors.

The lack of leadership from Rorgrin made allied horselords uneasy, with house Causwold especially troubled at the sudden expulsion of its advisors around Rorgrin. It is surmised that house Causwold feared that they were going to be extinguished in a fit of rage by Rorgrin (despire Rorgrin’s mother, Elessa being a Causwold), paniced and acted first. The Causwolds betrayed their lord and launched a coup against the Drothspells during a midnight raid by the Skull Riders. In the chaos, the Drothspells and their household guard were singled out and murdered.

It is widely speculated that house Andrathar of Drasguard felt its investment into securing favorable trade on the Circletown trade route was in jeopardy and was complicit in the coup. The head of house Andrathar, Lord Histmarc Andrathar, just days earlier dispatched knights to enter into House Drothspell to help train levies agains the nomads. The precision in which the coup was carried out is widely considered far too well coordinated for the Causwolds to have launched it on their own. Lord Histmarc has publicly expressed his sympathy for the Drothspells, and decried the coup as dishonorable.

After the coup, the allied horselords fell into dissarray, many not wishing to pledge their banners to a usurper, others felt honorbound to defend their lands and begrudingly sided with the Causwolds, while others staked their claims to the land and planted their own banners as paramount.

The raids from the Skull Riders ended quickly after the coup, many courtiers suggesting that the Causwolds collaborated with the nomads to execute their coup. In the aftermath of the coup, not many of House Drothspell survived. Rorgrin’s wife Termissia survived the attack and remarried Tannoc Causwold, the new Lord of the region. Of Rorgrin’s six siblings, only one, Markan, survived; though wounded and disfigured from the oil. Of Rorgrin’s progeny: Buldar, Dorgrin, and, Rorgast perished leaving the fourth son Solgrin missing after his van was ambushed during its hasty return to the keep after word had gotten out that there was fighting inside the walls. Rorgrin’s fifth son, Perrin, was captured and serves as a ward to house Causwold.

| Current Generation (Offspring of Rorgrin)
Buldar, Dorgrin, Rorgast, Solgrin, Perrin

Buldar – Eldest and heir to the seat of house Drothspell. Killed during the Causwold uprising alongside his father in the courtroom in a fierce melee.

Dolgrin – Second son, brave and chivalrous, often thought to be a shining example of a new knightly tradition for house Drothspell. Murdered by turncloaks while he defended the nursery, allowing the babes and their wetnurses to escape.

Rorgast – Third son, a keen business eye more than a warrior. Often said to have a silver tounge. Captured and then killed in front of his younger brother, Perrin. Much to Solgrins horror, may have been somehow complicit in the coup.

Solgrin – Fourth son, adventurer at heart, skilled in all manner of arms and bow. Has a knack for getting what he wants out of people. Cynically sees life as a contest or game. Missing after his vanguard was ambushed on return to the keep.

Perrin – Fifth son, gifted ranger and excellent hunter. Captured in the coup along side his brother Rorgast, and kept as a hostage of the Causwolds.

Solgrin – Immediately following the massacre at house Drothspell, Solgrin fled on foot in total darkness along a small footpath he and his brothers often played at as children.
Anticipating the nearby hamlet would turn him over the the riders on his heels, he took to strong arming travelers for food and supplies over the next several days.
Once healed, he began his revenge plot on the Causwolds. He repainted his shield from the emblem of the Drothspells (black tower on a green field) to a diagonal red stripe on a black field. (the red symbolic of his kin’s spilt blood) to mask his identity.
Joined a mercenary company for money. Fights in several battles, few of them for distasteful houses. Being an ordained knight, he cut his teeth leading companies of men in combat, though mercenary battles a typically far less bloody than if levies were sent at each other.

Bides his time until the tourney at Mordstadt (near dwarven lands) where Locstir Causwold, son of Lord Causwold would be competing.

Independently hires a few mercenaries buddies to ambush Lothstir. Kills his men and interrogates Locstir for the location of his brother. Tragically, Solgrin gives into wrath before he can get the answer out of him, and Locstir dies in agony.

Despondent, he wanders the land looking for clues of his nephew. Perhaps he can so at least one good thing before he dies.


Pendrin Drothspell Grandfather Cleric
Rorgrin Drothspell Brash Father
Markan Drothspell Wise Uncle, burned
Solgrin Drothspell Main Character
Buldar Drothspell Eldest brother broad chested warrior
Dolgrin Drothspell 2nd, brave knight, has a babe, Lonimer (Lon)
Rorgast Drothspell 3rd, material minded business
Perrin Drothspell 5th ranger hunter
Elessa Causwold Controversial beauty
Tannoc Causwold Head of house
Locstir Causwold son, entitled and posh
Termissia Andrathar Drasguadian schemer
Histmarc Andrathar Head of house

Solgrin Drothspell

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