Nurvaal the Wight

An evil-doer with great plans for Rokourd


An undead monstrosity who vaguely resembles the human shape that he once had in life.


Who Nurvaal was in life is known by very few and what drove him to undead immortality is uncertain, however some folk of Drithkowl believe that he was once a Wizard of the Kowl. Governor-General Tay’do Hallour long maintained that Nurvaal’s ambition to take his city was held in check only by the great power of the white dragon Tyrannax the Destroyer. The two beings, Nurvaal and Tyrannax, were believed to be of roughly equivalent in power and if either two attempted to seize the city of Drithkowl by force they would be so weakened in the battle that the other could slay the “victor” and take the city for themselves.

After Tyrannax was destroyed by Aust, Lorgrium, and Solgrin Nurvaal raised a massive undead army and attacked the city of Drithkowl. At first Nurvaal was successful in besieging the city using plague and fear to stymie the defenders. However, when a band of adventurers: Golthiron, Aegishand, Larkspur, Ordulf, and Solgrin, returned to the city from a long quest in Imnisvael they slew Nurvaal and his necromancer generals, breaking the siege and rescuing the city.

Nurvaal the Wight

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