Master Lanyr

Evil wizard and rival to the Kowled Wizards


Lanyr appears as an older human male with a long beard and a white robe and staff. His eyebrow seems eternally cocked in judgement.


A haughty wizard greedy for power, Lanyr is lord over House Imirun of city Drithkowl. His family has ties to Governor General Hallour and he was once a Wizard of the Kowl, but has since abandoned their order and formed his own rival faction of necromancers and other practitioners of the dark arts. It is said that he has tremendous arcane power, political influence, and vast wealth.

Lanyr is the creator of his own demi-plane of existence where he experiments on innocent men and women for the furthering of his dark magic. He was slain when a band of adventurers traveled to his realm looking for payback after he attempted to frame them for a prison riot.

Master Lanyr

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