former thief and retired adventurer; proprietor of the Grinning Goblin


Erel is a human who is older than he appears. His black hair features splashes of silver and the crow’s feat around his eyes suggest his true age, though. He wears simple garb, whatever is comfortable, and is rarely seen carrying a weapon. He has brown eyes and is quick to smile.


Erel “goes way back” with a number of folk, he is as honest as a thief can be and has always had his friends’ interests close at heart. He knows Aegishand, Solgrin, Goltheiron, Larkspur, Gylek, Daylen and Mogroth very well and helped them each in their quests to obtain a treasure of personal significance. He runs the ambiguously-owned Grinning Goblin tavern and inn out of Tradekeep.

Erel was once an adventurer himself and he retired shortly after his final quest, a heist to steal Baron Vaustburn’s crown. While he and his allies were successful in taking the crown from Coinhold’s well-guarded vault they were chased out of the city by the baron’s men. There the chase took to the sea as they sailed West hoping to lose their pursuers. Ultimately, however, they had more ships and the mercenaries caught up with Erel and his fellows. They had no choice, but to throw the crown into the sea, claiming that they never had it, to avoid being executed. Avendrin never forgave Erel or their allies for this defeat.

Erel has told the story many times, but it seems that it has come full circle, ten years later, when some old friends recovered the crown. However doing so drew the attention of a bizarre and mighty foe… the Others have arrived to reclaim the crown.


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