Prince of the Riddare


Tall even for Riddare standards, Einar is warrior-born and bears a kingly mien. His eyes are sapphires, his brow is wisdom and his hand is power. Einar’s beard is long and his mane is full, on his muscular arms he has runic tattoos and about his neck is a gold chain.


Einar is the rightful heir to the throne of the kingdom of the Riddare. His father, Torvaldr, is the current king, but he is old and has been preparing his son for the rigors of kingship. At the time the adventurers first encountered Einar he was being held captive by the Ogrek of Skaulheim. His enemies had captured him and left an impostor in the courts of the Riddare using illusions to masquerade as the true prince.

A band of adventurers escaped from Skaulheim with Einar and would later return to destroy the stronghold winning a major victory for the Riddare people. As thanks Einar agreed to help the adventurers fight Golthos and retake Eltgaard.


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