Captain Tercis

A young noble and captain


Captain Tercis is a tall human male with blonde hair a mustache. He wears the green and black tabard of Northwater identifying him as a soldier of the garrison. During battle he wears an open-faced helmet with silver trim along the brow.


The young captain of the earl’s men, Tercis, was appointed his position thanks to his birth rank as a nobleman’s son. He is of a lower house, however, so he was not afforded as lucrative a position as some of his aristocratic peers. He had a dream once of a demonic invasion descending upon his city which still bothers him to this day and despite knowing that it was not real he still pays close attention to leads and rumors regarding cult activity. Most recently he sent a patrol of ten soldiers out along the Trade Road to investigate a lead regarding a purported demon siting near an abandoned chapel of Iess.

Captain Tercis

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