Zokann's Hold

Part 1 of Zokann's Hold

After the battle for Eltgaard settled the adventurers saw to various tasks about the city such as assisting in the rebuilding process, diving into dwarven political affairs (given the recent death of the high king) or fighting off lingering foes. Over the next two weeks the group learned that the tunnels beneath Eltgaard had become safe enough to travel and explore once more. Recently the location of Zokann’s Hold, a mysterious tomb holding the relics and the dead of those loyal to the great dwarven wizard Zokan, was believed to be found. Aside for the treasure that could be gained, a great deal of respect and recognition would be won to the discoverer of the hold.

The party headed out along with a local dwarven scout to the location of what was believed to be a magic door guarding the entrance of the hold. The group quickly learned that navigating the hold was going to be difficult and would require recording which rooms they had entered and by which doors they had used. The hold appeared to be connected by magical gates marked with a single number. Each gate teleported the party into another chamber with another set of traps or challenges.

They found some treasure and guardians, but no proof yet that this is indeed Zokaan’s hold.


SeanRFreund SeanRFreund

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